Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Bad habit

Bad Habit

*sigh* huaaaaa, that‘s it. I have enough, no more nerd stuff, no more wasting time for any good. Recently my life bit mess up, I got to much wasting time in front of computer, about 70% per days, and my sleep time is over midnight. When the weekend come, I am just sleep all day along then wake up at night playing game online till morning, sleep again, again and again. The routine is like piece of shit. I lost so much my precious time, and then I just realize, I don’t even do Any Sport for past this one year. The only soccer I did only PES in PS2 >:D. “the worst came the last “, recently the addicted growth to PSP addict or God Eater for the specific 

Orz give back the old me!!!

God eater >.<
love it so much

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