Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Bad habit

Bad Habit

*sigh* huaaaaa, that‘s it. I have enough, no more nerd stuff, no more wasting time for any good. Recently my life bit mess up, I got to much wasting time in front of computer, about 70% per days, and my sleep time is over midnight. When the weekend come, I am just sleep all day along then wake up at night playing game online till morning, sleep again, again and again. The routine is like piece of shit. I lost so much my precious time, and then I just realize, I don’t even do Any Sport for past this one year. The only soccer I did only PES in PS2 >:D. “the worst came the last “, recently the addicted growth to PSP addict or God Eater for the specific 

Orz give back the old me!!!

God eater >.<
love it so much

Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

kiss >.< doki " Econline.web.id

dengan mengetik /kiss
char cewe bergerak dengan imutnya(Moee >,<) tuk mencium char didepannya hehehe

bayangkan jika ada (seorang hentai >.<) yang berburu cium" tersebut dan mengepostnya ke blog pribadi ....


Ohh yeahhh... X3

Aha..... Aha.....

ternyata hunting ciuman itu merupakan pekerjaan yang asek bgt hehehehe


by setokun

Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

seto no baka on air X3

sebenernya niat bikin blog dah lama...
tapi hanya sekedar niat hehehehe...

But, seiring berlalunya hidup...
Ternyata, gw butuh tempat untuk mencurahkan isi hati XD(hehehe lebay deh), tempat untuk mengexpresikan kegilaan gw, dan tempat tuk nongkrong *guling"*


To reader that love mee hehehe(Who are you any way o_o) i will try to write my blog in english >.<

so everyone can enjoy it ehehehehe

by Setokun(this my nick heheh, callme that)